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The fundamental goal of rhinoplasty is based on restoring facial harmony, maintaining the structural features of the face, and causing the nose to look like it has not been operated upon.


The fundamental goal of rhinoplasty is based on restoring facial harmony, maintaining the structural features of the face, and causing the nose to look like it has not been operated upon.

Plastic Surgery


Your face looks better with a profiled nose through Rhinoplasty

There are two types of rhinoplasty procedures which can be done. Reconstructive which restores the form and function of the nose – and cosmetic surgery that changes the appearance of the nose. The main aesthetic problems of the nose can be solved with a rhinoplasty. It is common to find people with some deformities on their noses, such as a bone hump, a partial or complete right or left deviation, and congenital malformations such as sequel lip or palate cleft, and other genetic acquired diseases or trauma.

Rhinoplasty is considered an outpatient procedure. You will most likely return to the comfort of your home the same day. The procedure will be done at Evolution MD Headquarters. Most commonly local anesthesia with intravenous sedation is used; although in some cases, a surgeon may suggest general anesthesia. Either method will ensure your ultimate comfort during the process and your surgeon will constantly monitor your physical condition both during the procedure and in the recovery room.

What are the objectives of the operation?

The fundamental goal of rhinoplasty is based on restoring facial harmony, maintaining the structural features of the face, and causing the nose to look like it has not been operated upon.  Presently, plastic surgeons have achieved this by integrating nose surgery to resolve functional, reconstructive and aesthetic problems all at the same time.

Undoubtedly, cosmetic rhinoplasty is an option to improve our image. Now it has become popular among young people, having greater social acceptance. Unlike other procedures, the number of people opting to have the procedure is similar among men and women.

The face is our first impression given to the surrounding world, and our social acceptance depends to some extent on it being pleasant for others to look at.

Variants of surgical rhinoplasty:

Currently there are two surgical rhinoplasty variants:

Closed rhinoplasty: being the most used technique, closed rhinoplasty offers the advantage of having no visible scar. This is accomplished by accessing the cartilage, septum, or other areas by working through the nostrils, which is more convenient for the patient due to no external incisions performed. There is better access to problem areas allowing mold section and achieving the desired nose shape is guaranteed.

Open rhinoplasty: a more laborious intervention that involves incisions in the middle of the nose, allowing greater accessibility to bones and cartilage. It is only used in complicated or secondary operations.

What should I know about the nasal anatomy?

It is a complex area, the center of the pyramid of the face, three-dimensional, consisting of two skeletons, one bone and the other cartilage, with an intermediate partition and it is an important element in form and function.

Is the nose important from an aesthetic point of view?

It is considered the center of the facial harmony according to the characteristics and dimensions affecting the shape of the facial aesthetics.

Anatomically it is the center of the facial architecture, dividing the face into two halves with the nasal width in relation to its distance between the inner eye angles.

Three aspects make up the profile size. The shape of the back and the projection of the nasal tip are valued. The ideal size of the anatomically perfect nose is considered to be when the size equals the length of the ear.

The nasal projection means that both the protruding nose and face is projected at an ideal point level measurement corresponding to 0.6 times the nasal length.

How is the nasal dorsum modified?

It may require an increase, decrease, or alignment. Increases are achieved with auto logo graft cartilage, while decreases are the most common, especially in the case of humps, which are reduced by osteotomies.

Modification of the nasal tip:

It is considered a critical and difficult step of the surgery. This depends on the surgeon’s experience and sensitivity, in order to achieve a harmonious point with the rest of the nose, and the face of the client.

Concomitant procedures:

These relate to the modification of the nasal septum to improve function.

How does the postoperative state manifest itself?

During the postoperative period, rhinoplasty uses caps that are aimed at providing stability in the nasal pyramid and prevent bleeding, allowing normal nasal breathing.

The nasal splint and bandage maintain and preserve the changes made in surgery.

What kind of follow-up acre will I need?

You will return to your surgeon’s office for a postoperative visit within the first 4 to 10 days and then periodically thereafter to monitor your progress over the next month or so.

What types of risks are involved?

Nasal surgery or Rhinoplasty is a safe procedure that is performed on thousands of men and women each year with no major complications. As with any surgical procedure there are some risks. Your surgeon can detail these for you in a personal consultation.

Men and women have experienced increased confidence after nasal surgery. Share in the satisfaction of having the look you always wanted.


The medical discharge occurs after the passing of the residual effects of anesthesia, which happens between 3 and 6 hours later; in most cases, it can vary from person to person. Procedure must be followed with relative rest, the intake of plenty of fluids, and food as tolerated.

The removal of caps, splints, and bandages takes place between 3 and 5 days after surgery. Generally, the postoperative procedures are not painful.

Benefits of rhinoplasty:

Rhinoplasty guarantees improved aesthetic appearance and functional improvement of the nose taking into consideration the facial structure, resulting in psychological benefits for the patient as they will be more conformed to the standards of society and their surrounding environment. Some scenarios involve reflection in their performance in amorous conquests, and even labor relations. On a personal level, it is reflected in a rise in self-esteem and mental health.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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