Dr Cesar Velilla

Dr. Cesar Velilla

The well known Dr.Lipo, is the the Founder of Evolution MD Miami

Dr. Cesar Velilla is the medical director and founder of Evolution MD, a Center for plastic and cosmetic surgery. Dr. Velilla is trained in Internal Medicine. He received his Medical doctrine degree at the Pontificia Universidad Bolivariana de Colombia “One of the best medical schools in South America.” Dr. Velilla has achieved numerous academic distinctions. He graduated as the top three student in his class. After graduation, he worked in Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Aesthetic Medicine. In 2005 he was awarded the prize for most outstanding resident “Best Resident of the Year”. Later, Dr. Velilla worked in internal medicine and intensive care at Jackson Memorial and the University of Miami Leonard M. Miller School of Medicine in Miami, Florida. Other awards the doctor has received include: the American Medical top patient choice award (2008- 2013), Most compassionate Doctor Award (2013), and the Colombia Award (2013) among others. EvolutionMD, which is owned by the prestigious Doctor Velilla, has about 50 employees and includes 4 different offices. The clinic reached the highest certification for outpatient surgery in 2015 by the AAACH, a prize awarded to very few centers in the United States. Evolution MD is a learning center for medical assistants, nursing, and medical students. Doctor Velilla’s goal is to grow and provide employment for more families as well as to provide education to students from various institutions in South Florida. He is on the Board of Directors for the South Eastern College.

Dr. Velilla has over 15 years of experience in all areas of aesthetics and is certified in Botox, Restylane, Perlane, Cosmelan, laser hair removal, laser treatments, and many other cosmetic procedures.


Dr. Velilla has performed over 5000 Botox and derma fillers and is certified in Slimlipo. He has developed a new technique of V-SLIMSCULPTURE and has performed on over 40,000 areas in the past 5 years. Currently the doctor shares his experience with other doctors on the art of liposuction V-SLIM and provides training in the headquarters located in Miramar.

Dr. Velilla is a member of: 

Award winning cosmetic surgeon Dr. Cesar Velilla, better known as Dr.Lipo, has performed over thousands of liposuctions under local anesthesia, sedation, and general anesthesia. Dr.Lipo, is the medical director of the most important surgical clinic located in Miramar, Florida. Dr.Lipo has been invited, in numerous occasions, to speak at multiple conferences. These places include, but are not limited to, the International Congress of Brazil, Colombia, Russia, and many states in the US. The latest conferences he’s been invited to will take place in Chicago, September 2017; where he will present and elaborate about this investigations and experiences with liposuction under local and general anesthesia, compare liposuction with laser and assisted liposuction with power assisted liposuction. Dr. Cesar Velilla is also the conductor of a reality show called, “Antes y Fabulosa con Dr.Lipo”, a reality show that genuinely illustrates the real life experiences of drlipo and his patients. The reality show covers inside and out, showing the patient’s experience, and their transformations that were realized in the place were dreams come true; Evolution MD, surgical ambulatory clinic in Miramar Florida. Dr.Lipo is followed daily by thousands of people on social media. You can find his page on Instagram under @drlipo and on Facebook you can find him as Cesar Velilla (Dr.Lipo) and as “therealdrlipo”.

Currently, Doctor Lipo continues to practice daily the art of liposuction and continues to perform more than 100 liposuctions monthly. Up to date, Dr.Lipo has removed thousands of gallons of fat and thousands of areas of liposuction without any serious complications.

Dr.Lipo finds himself actively linked to many educative activities as well as academic. Dr. Velilla conducts medical investigations related to liposuction and is a professor associated with various teaching facilities such as Larkin Hospital, Remington University, Southeastern College, The Cooperative University, The University of Brazil, and many others. He also runs medical trails which are carried out in his ambulatory surgical center daily.

Apart from being such a well-known cosmetic surgeon, Dr.Lipo is an exceptional doctor. Through patient’s experiences, they have stated that upon meeting him, “they can’t help but feeling safe”. Other patient’s say that, “He really understands me. He listens to exactly what I want, and delivers exceptional results”. One of his main concerns is the satisfaction of his patients. In 2006 and again in 2016, Dr.Lipo was awarded the title of “American top doctor”.  His surgical facility located in Miramar Florida, is equipped with massage rooms, treatment rooms, and fully equipped Operating rooms. His hope is that whenever a patient walks into Evolution MD they receive not only exceptional care, but that they leave with the confidence and self-esteem they’ve always wished for. 


Meet Our Doctors

Dr. Cesar Velilla is the Medical Director and founder of Evolution MD™, a center for plastic surgery and cosmetic. Dr. Velilla has over 15 years experience in all areas of aesthetics.

Dr. Jose Zayas is an in-demand cosmetic surgeon who is known for combining advance medical skills and training, with more than 38 years of practice surgery.

Dr. Ina A. Nevdakh is a fully trained plastic surgeon having graduated from the Oregon Health Science University in 2018. Double trained in Plastic Surgery in Europe and the United States.

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