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Lymphatic Massage

Evolution MD Radiofrequency Post-surgical massages also known as lymphatic drainage massages are very important after having had a liposuction procedure on any area of the body. Our professional massage therapists will help extract the excess fluid that remained in the body after the surgery. The excess fluid is what makes the patient feel pain and swollen. The first couple of sessions will feel uncomfortable but it can vary from person to person, these are not meant to be relaxing massages. Post- surgical massages can also help prevent any lumpiness from forming. Our massage therapists will gently stroke certain areas in the body and encouraging the fluid to move through the bodies muscle and tissue, this will help create a healthier immune system and improve your energy levels. We recommend considering lymphatic massages right after surgery. Patients can expect to feel relieved from swelling after a couple of sessions.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person
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