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We wish to participate in an active society in which we can through the practice of Medicine help to transform the lives of Physicians and Patients, through critical thinking, technological advances and research.

EEvolution MD being an ambulatory surgery center has a great variety of surgical specialties and an extensive number of daily cases that allow residents to consolidate their knowledge in basic and advanced surgical techniques, under the direct and constant supervision of the group of plant surgeons in the institution, the surgical exposure of residents is extensive and makes this one of the most desired practices by national and international residents.


Resident in a formal medicine program.

The program of surgical rotation establishes the realization of a pre-professional practice through a Rotary Internship with 4 rotations: General Surgery, Gynecology, Anesthesiology and Plastic Surgery.

Evolution MD Education


To know the most frequent urgent and elective surgical pathology and its pre and post operative management.


  • Knowledge of surgical anatomy, preoperative management of patients, request for pre-surgical exams, postoperative management
  • Surgical patient approach in the outpatient clinic.
  • Initial management of the patient with pathology in urgent non-traumatic surgery.
  • Know the management of postoperative pain, prophylactic antibiotics and therapeutic
  • In addition to the supply of intravenous fluids in the postoperative period normal and fluid replacement due to abnormal losses.


  • Clinical history of admission.
  • Daily evolution of the patients and formulation of them.
  • Know the diagnostic aids in surgical patients.
  • Make the surgical description with the help of the treating Surgeon and the request for pathology.
  • Perform Epicrisis and give recommendations to patients' discharge
  • Teamwork with internal medical colleagues, hospital doctors and nurses from the Surgery area.
  • Participate in procedures such as cures, probes, bladders, nasogastric, chest tubes, venodisections.
  • Be an assistant in elective and urgent surgical procedures.
  • Be present and meet the emergency and floor patients in the Daily Magazine with the Specialist doctor.
  • Evolve patients in the immediate postoperative period (first 24 hours) at Pass the medical journal of the night.


  • Presentation of an oral and written exam
  • Knowledge of both the patient's clinical history and evolution, about of specific surgical pathology in the service journal or in a decision meeting
  • Attitude regarding patients and the knowledge to acquire.
  • Responsibility.
  • Ethical principles.
  • Skill or skill will not be a matter of evaluation.
  • The grade will be from 1 to 5 and will be provided in the internship program documents
Evolution MD Education
Evolution MD Education

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Course Info:

Course duration: 40 hours and / or up to a maximum of 3 months
Maximum quota per course: 10 applicants.
Course frequency: 2 times a month.
Value: $1,000.oo US dollars per month

EVOLUTION MD offers Long-Term & Short-Term at special rates for students.
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