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Face & Neck Lift

Evolution MD Face and Neck Lift

Rejuvenate your Face, Appearance improve your image subtracting Years

The face and neck surgery dramatically improves the youthful appearance, help the aesthetics of the face with a healthier appearance with the benefit of building confidence in you.

With age the damage incurred sunlight, face exposure for its high yields, a process that begins around age 30 for what is considered the face and neck surgery the standard gold, meaning through the skin lan lifting of these sites, creating a pleasant rejuvenating appearance, adapted to customer needs.

Benefits Reporting

Reduce stretches and tightens sagging skin, reducing the famous chin, creating a softer jaw, cheek raising their middle and lower portions.
Reduces wrinkles, chin creates submental profile, giving a strong look, remove turkey neck suavisando the outline of it.

Procedures to do

It loosens the skin by incision, achieving tighten the subcutaneous soft tissues, achieving an ascension, removing excess skin associated with liposuction of the neck in the same proceeding, removing excess fat reinforcing the success that achieved in several ways, the technique mini elevator, lower facelift and cheek elevation, creating a nice facial contour neck.

The application of laser drastically resulting in reducing wrinkles and filling therapy that help rejuvenate the cheeks is associated.

Safety proceed.

The healing is rapid, improving their appearance with the technique you micro pigmentation carried out three months; in most cases, can vary from person to person, security expert hands regarding the preservation of the musculature and innervation cervical fascio.


Approximately ten days the total recovery occurs as is done with local anesthesia, almost nonexistent the postsurgical pain, which allows immediately to carry out further from home, without strenuous activities; in most cases, can vary from person to person.
Between two and three weeks to the total recovery; in most cases, can vary from person to person; usually allowing proper presentation in their environment, circle of friends and work environment occurs.
Beyond approximately four weeks could perform all activities including physical exercising, which speeds their recovery by facilitating healing, stimulates your immune system and improves physical and psychological auto welfare.
Whereas the majority of customers from forty years show changes of aging on the face are bothersome affected to a greater extent by genetics, sun exposure, smoking, the surgical option is attractive as proceed restorer for men and women resulting in a better physical and psychological health improving work performance and social acceptance.

Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person
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