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Realself Questions

1.When can I exercise after having Liposuction? How long do I have to wait before I could go back to exercise if I do laser Liposuction on my thighs and love handles?

-After having any kind of liposuction procedure, whether it being traditional or laser liposuction the patient has to wait one month before exercising again.

2.Can I have Liposuction on my lower abdomen?

-Everyone can have liposuction on any part of their body where there is fat. Although it all depends on each person and their skin elasticity. We would also have to see if the person has intra-abdominal fat, some people believe that they have fat outside the muscle when in reality they have fat inside the muscle. The fat inside the muscle cannot be removed with liposuction, only with diet and exercise.

3.Is it normal for my stomach to swell up after liposuction on my flanks?


4.I want to get liposuction done on my stomach but my stomach has loose skin. Is it possible to get lipo done on loose skin?

-Liposuction can be performed on loose skin, but the patient would need to understand that liposuction is not a procedure to tighten the skin. There are certain devices and treatments to help get better skin retraction. When comparing laser liposuction versus power assisted liposuction you get better skin tightening results. The post-operative care is also very important for skin tightening, if you use your garment for long periods of time, you will obtain better results and skin retraction. Radio Frequency and Post Lymphatic massages can also be useful after liposuction, this procedure helps tighten the skin. Liposuction is not a method used for skin retraction, but we do offer a lot of treatments that will help with loose skin after having done liposuction.

5.Are there any doctors that are willing to perform a Brazilian Butt Lift5 if the patient is still breastfeeding?

-In general, the patient cannot obtain any type of anesthesia if she is breastfeeding, because that anesthesia will go through the breast milk and affect the baby. It is toxic to the baby. Any surgeon that is willing to do liposuction while the patient is still breastfeeding is being negligent.

6.As a small person I was told I needed to gain weight before I could get a Brazilian Butt Lift. S o I gained 10 pounds for the procedure. If I start working out again to tone up, will I lose the fat transferred to my rear easily? Is it harder to lose fat in a spot if you had it transferred there?

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